Kids, community and secure environments

Have you thought about treating children? Or perhaps you’re pondering the prison service. Or working in the CDS? As undergraduates we learn the basics, but is it enough? 

You probably already know that the community dental services perform more sedations and potentially more extractions than GDPs, but what else do you know about it?  Without the experience of the more niche branches of dentistry, it’s hard to know if they’re for you.   

We’re chairside with two dentists who open up about their careers, sharing the breadth of skills they gained and the challenges they met.    

Join us today as we discuss this unique part of our profession. 



Jinesh Thakrar, ex-prison dentist and current CDS dentist

David Drysdale, paediatric specialty registrar at GOSH and former CDS dentist.  



Andrea Ogden, Undergraduate and Career Development Lead  


Helpful resources: 

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Career Guide (  

BDJ Jobs 


About the BDA

We are the voice of dentists and dental students in the UK. We have been protecting dentists since 1880. We bring dentists together, support our members through advice and education, and represent their interests.  



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